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Understand The Benefits Of Dream's Engineered Lightweight Mirrors

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The image to the right shows the back of an engineered 0.4m (16") round primary mirror produced in-house at Dream. The following page shows some of the extensive FEA that was done on this design prior to casting the first article. 18 separate iterations were run on one of two machines that each have 32Gb of RAM.


Dream's engineered substrates achieve much shorter Thermal Time Constants (TTC) compared to even an extremely thin monolithic substrate. The TTC of a 1.2" thick 16" monolithic (13-1/3:1 aspect ratio)is 36 times slower than Dream's engineered cellular optic. The TTC of a 2.7" thick 16" (6:1, full-thickness) is 178 times slower than Dream's mirror.

For a detailed look at the thermal benefits of our engineered cellular blanks, please click here.

Q u a l i t y

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S u b s t r a t e

Our engineered lightweight mirror substrates can be used both perforated, like a conventional Cassegrain employs, or non-perforated. They can also be produced for anything from flat to fast, deeply curving f-ratios; plano to f0.5. We customize each blank so the ribs match your ROC, thus making the face an even thickness across the entire aperture.

Click below to see the dedicated packing Dream provides for this engineered cellular blank.


Dream Cellular, LLC can also engineer and produce other shapes, in-house. Click on the image above to see ellipse examples.

Above is a 16" Ritchey-Chretién optical set for one of Dream's OEM clients. Click on either image to see other photos and the custom packing used for optical sets like this.

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