Understand The Benefits Of Dream's Engineered Lightweight Mirrors

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The photographs on this page show a Dream ~29" (4" thick) engineered lightweight mirror blank with an 8" ID inner rim. The blank can be cast with a face at the center or cast with a perforation. It was engineered specifically for central support of lateral forces. Axial are loaded in a fairly conventional 18-point arrangement, at the back surface of the mirror. The smaller optic in the image above is a perforated 16" f2.9.

The Thermal Time Constant (TTC) of Dream's optic is roughly 39 times faster than a thin (1-7/8" thick) monolithic optic. When this cellular is compared to a 6:1 thickness ratio (full thickness) monolithic mirror, the TTC of Dream's optic is 251 times faster. The thermal load of the rest of the telescope benefits from a substantially lighter M1 as well.

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Dream's engineered designs are far more efficient 3D forms than monolithic optics. Because they can much more rapidly follow ever-changing ambient temperatures, they can allow higher quality at the focal plane, due to greatly reduced mirror seeing and tube currents.
All mirrors are designed, engineered and cast in-house at Dream. Let our unique expertise in cellular optics bring your company into the 21st century.

One customer is using the ~29" cellular blank with one of Dream's 9" minor axis ellipses. Click on the image to the right to view that optic.

Click on the image to the left to see a 28.5" being generated.




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