Understand The Benefits Of Dream's Engineered Lightweight Mirrors

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Dream can design and engineer lightweight mirrors that are:
* primary mirrors, secondary mirrors & Cassegrain optical sets
* elliptical flats, steering mirrors, etc.
* bubble-free
* near net shape plano, concave and convex
* f0.5 (concave & convex) to plano
* back flanges (semi-closed back planes)
* tapered ribs, varying thickness ribs, numerous rib heights, etc.
* plano-backed, conical, double-conical, truncated and other shapes & profiles

300mm f3 R-C optical set before and after coating

Dream can work with you to provide the right shape, size, support methodology, performance, mass and other goals. Dream has been designing & engineering lightweight mirrors since 2003 and has a large library of designs, experience and expertise to draw from. Sizes range from roughly 75mm to 1100mm.

Dream can provide anything from the generated mirror blank to a finished, coated mirror in a dedicated carbon fiber mirror mount, all the way up to full instruments.

Bubble-free 14.5" Cassegrain optical sets in stock.
Can be finished to CC, D-K, R-C or modified Cassegrain designs.
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