Understand The Benefits Of Dream's Engineered Lightweight Mirrors

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Dream can design and engineer lightweight plano mirrors that are:
* elliptical, oval, round and truncated in shape
* bubble-free
* from generated castings
* to finished & coated mirrors
* to finished, coated and mounted to a dedicated carbon fiber mirror mount  
* tapered ribs, varying thickness ribs, numerous rib heights, etc.

Common minor axis ellipse sizes include: 5", 6", 7", 8", 9", 10" and 11". We often have stock in 6" and 7" ellipses.

Other sizes can be quickly designed. Dream's dimensional limitation is 45". 

Dream can work with you to provide the right shape, size, support methodology, performance, mass and other goals. Dream has been designing & engineering lightweight mirrors since 2003 and has a large library of designs, experience and expertise to draw from. Sizes range from roughly 75mm to 1100mm.

Dream can provide anything from the generated mirror blank to a finished, coated mirror in a dedicated carbon fiber mirror mount, all the way up to full instruments.

Contact Dream to discuss your requirements.

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